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Illegal Dumping / PA CleanWays

Eleven years ago Elk County formed a chapter of Pennsylvania CleanWays. Since that time dozens of illegal dump sites have been cleaned up. CleanWays underwent a change late last year, and merged with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.  Along with the merger is a new mission statement: Empowering Pennsylvanians to make our communities clean and beautiful.

PA CleanWays will keep its corporate structure, however it is now doing business as Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. It is also the state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. Local chapters have the choice to retain the CleanWays name or take on the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful name. We have decided to retain the CleanWays name.

For certain, the resources Keep America Beautiful has brought to the table will enable the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful to do much more. Programs include: Adoption and Litter Free School Zones, Open Your Eyes to Litter activity books for elementary school-aged children, the Great American Cleanup, Illegal Dump Cleanups, America Recycles Day, and special collections for hard to recycle items. More information can be found at

Locally, it may expand the scope of our CleanWays chapter to include more educational and recycling-based activities and events. But in the meantime, we are still open to suggestions for possible cleanup projects and/or road adoptions. If anyone has questions, input, or wants additional information, please call the recycling office.

 Report an illegal dump site HERE.

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