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Effective January 6, 2018

Confidential Information

Protecting Confidential Information - Here's How:

Unless required by applicable authority, the following information shall not be included in any document filed with a court or custodian, except on a "Confidential Information Form" filed contemporaneously with the document.

  1. Social Security Numbers
  2. Financial Account Numbers except an active financial account number may be identified by the last four digits when the financial account is the subject of the case and cannot otherwise be identified
  3. Driver License Numbers
  4. State Identification (SID) Numbers
  5. Minors’ Names and Dates of Birth except when a minor is charged as defendant in a criminal matter (see 42 Pa.C.S. §6355)
  6. Abuse Victim’s Address and other Contact Information including employer’s name, address, and work schedule, in family court actions as defined by Pa.R.C.P. No. 1931(a), except for victim’s name

Confidential Documents

Unless required by applicable authority, the following documents shall be filed with a court or custodian with the "Confidential Document Form."

  1. Financial Source Documents
  2. Minors’ Educational Records
  3. Medical/Psychological Records
  4. Children and Youth Services’ Records
  5. Marital Property Inventory and Pre-Trial Statement as provided in Pa.R.C.P. No. 1920.33
  6. Income and Expense Statement as provided in Pa.R.C.P. No. 1910.27(c)
  7. Agreements between the Parties as used in 23 Pa.C.S. §3105

These requirements do not apply to case types (e.g. juvenile, adoption) that are sealed or exempted from public access pursuant to applicable authority.

For forms and more information, reference the Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania: Case Records of the Appellate and Trial Courts at the website below.

A certification shall accompany each filing in accordance with the policy. A court or custodian is not required to review any filed document for compliance with this policy. Failure to comply may lead to imposed sanctions.

For more information and forms please visit:

**When submitting "Confidential Information Forms" and

"Confidential Document Forms" to Elk County's Prothonotary Office,

please submit an appropriate-sized envelope for confidential filing.**

Thank you in advance!


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