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Stream & Wetland General Permits

General Permits (GPs) were created for activities or structures that do not pose a significant threat to flooding or the environment. A General Permit is a pre-approved set of conditions, construction limits, dimensions and other criteria which apply to many common types of projects. If the work that an applicant is proposing meets all of the conditions of the General Permit, then the applicant need only register his/her intent to use the General Permit, and receive acknowledgement after review from the Conservation District.

The following is a listing and a brief description of the General 105 Permits available through the Conservation District.

  • GP-1 Fish Habitat Enhancement Structures: This permit is used for the installation of fish habitat structures that have been approved by the PA Fish & Boat Commission.
  • GP-2 Small Docks & Boat Launching Ramps: This permit authorizes the installation of pile-supported and floating docks on Lakes.
  • GP-3 Bank Rehabilitation, Bank Stabilization, & Gravel Bar Removal: This permit authorizes projects that involve bank stabilization or gravel bar removal on/in streams.
  • GP-4 Intake & Outfall Structures: This permit is used for projects such as the installation of a dry fire hydrant or a “clean water” drainpipe outfall.
  • GP-5 Utility Line Stream Crossings: The GP-5 applies to any utility line (gas, oil, sewer or water) that crosses under or over a stream or wetlands.
  • GP-6 Agricultural Crossings & Ramps: This permit is to be used when crossings and ramps are installed for agricultural purposes.
  • GP-7 Minor Road Crossings: This permit can be utilized when establishing a permanent road (not a parking lot) crossing through a wetland or stream using a bridge or culvert or clean fill material.
  • GP-8 Temporary Road Crossings: This permit is used to establish a temporary culvert or bridge crossing.
  • GP-9 Agricultural Activities: This permit authorizes agricultural activities (grassed waterways, terraces, diversions, waste storage facilities, spring development or minor drainage) that encroach into streams or their flood ways.
  • GP-10 Abandoned Mine Reclamation: This Permit applies to any encroachment that is part of mine reclamation.
  • *GP-11 Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Rehabilitation, or Replacement of Water Obstructions and Encroachments: The maintenance, testing, repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing currently serviceable water obstructions or encroachments, including bridges and culverts owned by railroad companies.
  • GP-15 Private Residential Construction in Wetlands: This permit authorizes the filling of limited non-tidal wetland areas for the construction of a single family home on a lot purchased by the permittee prior to November 22, 1991.


The Elk County Conservation District is delegated by DEP to review and acknowledge General Permits that meet the conditions of the permit. When requesting a General Permit acknowledgement by the Conservation District the following must be submitted to the District:

  • General Permit Registration Form
  • Municipal and County Notifications
  • Sketch plan or similar site drawing
  • Cross Section drawing
  • Project Location Map (copy of USGS Topographic map)
  • PA Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Search Form and Search Results
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan Review Application and Fee
  • Application Fees

*Please note: GP-11 applications and the associated Erosion & Sediment Control Plans are submitted directly to the DEP regional office. The Elk County Conservation District does not process these applications.


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