Elk County Courthouse•250 Main Street•P.O. Box 448•Ridgway, PA 15853
Elk County Courthouse Annex •300 Center Street•P.O. Box 448•Ridgway, PA 15853


Greg Gebauer, Warden
Phone: (814) 776-5342
Email: ggebauer@countyofelkpa.com
Ed Warmbrodt, Deputy Warden
Phone: (814) 776-5342
Email: ewarmbrodt@countyofelkpa.com
Scott Atwell, Corrections Counselor
Phone: (814) 776-5342
Email: satwell@countyofelkpa.com
Elk County Courthouse
250 Main Street
P.O. Box 448
Ridgway, PA 15853
(814) 776-5342
(814) 772-7753--Fax
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Mission Statement 

The Elk County Prison maintains custody and control of inmates mandated by law, including those prisoners held in custody, pending disposition of their respective cases by the court and those persons already convicted of a criminal act.  The Elk County Prison is responsible for reasonable care, custody and control of all it's inmates. Elk County is responsible for all medical expenses of inmates for the duration of their incarceration at the Elk County Prison.