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Shawn Geci, Deputy Sheriff John Gangloff, Deputy Sheriff
Lead Instructor    Assistant Instructor
Certifications: Police Handgun & Shotgun Certifications Police Handgun & Shotgun
  NRA First Steps Pistol    
  NRA Basic Pistol    
  NRA Home Firearms Safety    
  NRA Personal Protection in Home    
  Tactical Shotgun    
  Basic & Advanced S.W.A.T.    
  Advanced Sniper    


Assistants: David Zameroski, Deputy                 Theresa Merritt, Chief Deputy

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    These NRA based courses are provided free of charge to women in Elk County who have valid Protection Permits.  To apply for a permit or the course download the applications above.

Class 1  First Steps Orientation  (approx. 4 hrs.)

               A basic course outlining safety and familiarization with one particular handgun.  This includes loading/unloading a handgun, cleaning and limited shooting practice (not for accuracy but for familiarization).

This class is geared towards those with limited or no experience with handguns and may be skipped.

Class 2  Basic Pistol/Home Firearms Safety (total approx. 6 hrs.)

               This is a combination of two courses. It consists of stage 1, which is four (4) hours of class time and stage 2 which is two (2) hours of shooting practice.  Once both stages are completed the individual will receive two certificates.

The instruction during stage 1 will broaden to include long guns and a variety of handguns.  The class does address loading and unloading of the long guns, however, we do not shoot the long guns during the practical portion.  The class also becomes more in-depth; teaching the fundamentals of safety and storage in the home, while the practical portion goes into sight picture and shooting for accuracy.

 Class 3  Personal Protection in the Home (approx. 10 hrs.)

              This class is geared to prepare an individual mentally, physically and morally for the necessity of using deadly force.  It will encompass the legal, moral, and psychological aspects of deadly force, the set up and use of safe rooms, and how to notify and meet the police.  The class will also have a much longer shooting portion.





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