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Pollinator Education

What does it mean to be a pollinator? What do pollinators do? Why are pollinators important?

Join educator Victoria Challingsworth, from the Elk County Conservation District, and Natalie Aiello, from Penn State Extension, in this video series as we discover the answers to all these questions and more!

This educational opportunity was funded through a Headwaters RC&D Grant. The program included the planting of pollinator gardens at the West Creek Wetlands Learning Center on West Creek Road in St. Marys, PA. The program also provided butterfly kits for 18 - 1st and 2nd grade classrooms in Elk County to raise while viewing this pollinator video series. After raising the butterflies they were released at the West Creek Wetland Pollinator Gardens during a series of release evenings attended by students and their families.

Week 1 - Why are Pollinators Important

This video covers pollinator basics starting with “Who are pollinators?” You might be surprised to find that bats and other bugs can be pollinators, you may be even more surprised to discover YOU can be a pollinator! We’ll also cover how to set up your enclosure so you’re ready to raise your Painted Ladies!

Week 2 - Egg to Larvae

Your caterpillars have arrived! Have they always been caterpillars? Watch this video to learn about the Painted Lady lifecycle and what happens as they hatch from an egg into larvae.

Week 3- Larvae to Adult

Last week we learned all about the lifecycle from egg to larvae, this week we continue on and find out what happens during the larvae to adult stage! Soon our butterflies will be flapping their wings and flitting around!

Week 4 - Bee Basics

We’ve been raising Painted ladies but what about other pollinators? This week we are going to focus on learning all about Bees. Do you know how many different kinds of bees there are? Watch this video to find out!

Week - 5

Our butterflies should be emerging from their chrysalis soon! What happens after they emerge? Learn about butterflies and what they do as adults. Hint: every butterfly is different!

Final Video

Through this 5 week journey we're raised hundreds of butterflies with students and learned lots! Enjoy this video that culminates with our big release nights!
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