The Elk County Domestic Relations Section charges certain fees for services. The fees are imposed by the Federal Government, State Government, and local procedure. Please be aware of these fees. Any person who incurs fees and does not pay them will be subject to contempt procedures before the Elk County Court of Common Pleas.

Filing an Initial Complaint*

$40.25   (JCP Fee)

Genetic Testing Fee


Appeal to Superior Court (Payable to Superior Court)


DRS Filing Fee for Appeal to Superior Court


*The Judicial Computer Program (JCP) fee is assessed to the Defendant. However, if the Plaintiff fails to show it will be assessed to Plaintiff.

Child Support $25 Annual Fee

A law passed by the United States Congress requires a $25.00 annual fee each year for certain child support cases. The law applies when at least $500 in child support payments is collected annually and the custodial parent has never received cash assistance. The yearly fee is collected to cover some of the federal government’s costs of providing child support enforcement services. (Pub.L. 109-171; § 7310.).

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Public Welfare will:

  Pay the fee for families with annual child support collections between $500 and $1,999.99, or
  Deduct the fee from the custodial parent after $2,000 of child support is collected in a year from the noncustodial parent

(Act 2008-16; 23 Pa.C.S.A. § 4351(a.1).)

Who pays the yearly fee?

The custodial parent pays the $25.00 yearly fee if at least $2,000 of child support is collected in a year.

The $25.00 annual fee will not be collected in support cases that do not include a child, such as spousal support only cases, alimony only cases, or alimony pendente lite only cases.

If you receive both child support and spousal, alimony, or alimony pendente lite support on the same support case from the same defendant, the $25.00 annual fee is collected in that case.

If you receive child support in one case and only spousal, alimony, or alimony pendente lite support in a separate case, the $25.00 fee will be collected only in the child support case and not the spousal, alimony, or alimony pendente lite only case.

How often must I pay the fee?

As required by federal law, you must pay the fee once per year. The fee will be collected once a year between October 1 to November 30 or March 1 to September 30. In Pennsylvania, the fee is not collected in the months of December, January, or February.

What if I have more than one child support case in Pennsylvania?

The fee is charged for each child support case when $2,000 or more is collected.

What if I receive cash assistance benefits after the fee has been deducted?

The fee will never be collected from you again in Pennsylvania.

What if I have a child support case that opened in another state?

Please contact that state about how the $25.00 fee is collected.

Who can I contact with questions about the fee in Pennsylvania?

Please contact the Department of Public Welfare Bureau of Child Support Enforcement at 1-800-932-0211, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



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