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  • Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, and Deeds do not require an open records request form as they are routine records request through either the Prothonotary, or Register/Recorders Offices. For more information on any of these records, please click the accommodating link to the left.
  • Unless superseded by another law, cost of printing/copying records is $.25 per page.
  • Agency response time is 5 business days. The business day following the date of receipt is considered day 1. The response to the requester must leave the agency's hands on business day 5. That said, please allow an extra day or two if waiting for a response through the mail.
  • If a requested record does not exist (i.e. a spreadsheet containing a compilation of facts or figures), the agency is not required to create that record. Instead, the requester is welcome to extract the desired information by inspecting any records that are available from the agency.
  • When a request for a record has been granted, that record automatically becomes a public record available for anyone else to see, and may be posted on an agency website.
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